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Image: what's in our drinks

juicy water has the best quality ingredients.

We believe that people should not mess around with food too much, so at Juicy Water we take the ingredients that nature provides and bring them together as simply as possible for your benefit, as close to the original as you can get. To find out more read on...

Image: fruit

juicy water uses real fruit from the best growers.

We spend a lot of time sourcing the highest quality fruit to use in our drinks because this is what makes them taste delicious. We don't use concentrated fruit juices because we don't think that is very natural and they don't taste half as good. Here is some more on our delicious fruit...


You’ll find pure squeezed lemon juice in 3 out of our 4 Juicy Water recipes because it helps bring out the flavour of other fruits.

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Limes are the smallest fruit in the citrus family and have a zesting taste. That is why there is pure lime juice in 2 of our favourite recipes.

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We’ve tasted every raspberry we could find, and discovered the finest fruits in Poland. You will find 21 in every bottle of Juicy Water raspberries and apples.

Find out more about raspberries


We get our blackcurrants from Herefordshire and manage to force 42 of them into each bottle of Juicy Water pomegranates & blackcurrants.

To find out more about blackcurrants


Pomegranates contain little cells known as jewels. These jewels hold all of the juice that add the sweetness and boldness to our drinks.

Find out more about pomegranates


Our apple juice contains a blend of varieties, no less than 60, which allows us to achieve the right level of sweetness in our pomegranates & blackcurrants and apples & raspberries recipes.

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In our oranges & lemons recipe, we use a mix of Greek oranges for their great colour and tangy taste, and Brazilian oranges for their sweetness.

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Image: water

juicy water comes from a spring in Yorkshire.

We visited the spring and all we can say is, it is in the middle of a field, surrounded by green rolling hills. A very natural home for our water.

Image: sugar

juicy water has some sugar.

We believe in making great tasting drinks. But when you blend fruit and water together they often come up a little short of the mark. A little too sharp.
So sugar is the answer. It's natural, it's been growing in the ground for hundreds of years, and it delivers sweetness and a great texture.

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